US to Canada Shipping Services

Try Hours provides door-to-door, direct shipping service to all the Canadian provinces with the speed and flexibility you need for your expedited shipments. We specialize in direct America to Canada expedited shipping, and can help deliver your goods on time across any border with as little down time as possible.

Try Hours provides tools and services that simplify international shipping for all types of industry. Our international ground expedited shipping services gives you faster, up to the minute tracking for all United States to Canada shipments. Our international expedited shipping services have been documented as faster from several U.S. cities to major Canadian markets than UPS Standard or FedEx.

Features of our direct U.S. to Canada expedited shipping include:

  • Fast border crossings
  • Secure supply chain
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Security compliant with Canada and U.S. certifications
  • Drivers are registered with U.S. and Canada governments and Customs officials.
  • Our North American network serves almost all the Canadian population directly.
  • Our information systems are integrated with Customs to make border passages simple, quick and seamless.
  • Expedited and guaranteed services are available between the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Try Hours provides a full-service network in Canada.
  • Documents necessary to ship between the U.S. and Canada

All U.S. To Canada shipments will need the following international shipping documents:

  • A shipper’s bill of lading clearly showing the consignee’s name and address, and a complete description of the materials, including the name of the consignee’s customs broker. Please contact our service providers for details on completing a Bill of Lading for cross-border shipments between the U.S. and Canada.
  • A commercial invoice describing the goods, including the value and country of origin.
  • A NAFTA certificate of origin is optional, and is not needed for the actual transport of the materials. However, it could be beneficial because it can allow a possible reduction in duties. Check with your customer, or their broker, in the U.S. or Canada prior to scheduling international expedited shipping services.

Documentation is a critical part of international shipping, and it is entirely the responsibility of the shipper. Because a carrier cannot correct errors which may occur on the customer’s shipping papers, such errors can result in costly delays or declined shipments at the border. Using Try Hours shipping experts to assist with the intricacies of international documentation procedures will help make your international expedited shipment crossing a success.

For more information about international expedited shipping, or for assistance in preparing the required documents, Call Try Hours today. To speak to a Try Hours Service Representative about our U.S. To Canada Expedited Shipping Services, call us now at 800-334-0224.