Try Hours Expedited Services: Any day. Any time. On time.


Try Hours Expedited Shipping understands that the time your goods spend on the road means losing out on time, money and resources that you could be putting to work. Getting your shipments from point A to point B isn't just about moving, its about moving fast. Thats where Try Hours can help your company improve the bottom line, by getting just in time shipments to their destinations faster, with fewer delays and headaches than traditional shipping services.


Try Hours expedited delivery program is the one constant you can rely on any day, any time, to get your shipments there faster. Our advanced management information system is in constant communication with the entire fleet, providing real-time updates instantly. Your load is continuously monitored throughout its transit, to ensure we make the delivery schedule on time. Our continuous tracking and updating system provides the information you need, so you can keep your company moving forward, just like we do.


Try Hours takes pride in being one of the industry leaders in expediting services east of the Mississippi River, including service along the 401 Corridor in Ontario, Canada, with O/B service to the Western U.S. and Florida. Our drivers and expediting support team have been repeatedly recognized for Best On-Time performance, and we have consistently outperformed expediting competitors in cost and speed of delivery. Try Hours is also always looking to add new drivers and service areas to our talented network of shipping experts, so we can better serve our customers in more markets nationwide.

Try Hours is proud to support the community by taking an active role in organizations and events.

Try Hours Shipping Includes:

  • 24/7 customer service & support
  • ISO 9001 certified carrier
  • SmartWay Transport Partner
  • Commercial, Industrial and Personal shipping capabilities
  • End-to-end visibility via satellite tracking
  • Best On-Time Performance Winner
  • Coverage throughout the US and Canada
  • Same day order shipments and deliveries to accommodate your customers
  • Critical inventory and parts shipments to avoid costly shutdowns or interruptions of operation
  • Shipments of repair parts to get the line back up and running now